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New Beginnings

As my time working in retail draws to a close, excitement and nervousness draws in as I am about to embark on the latest chapter of my life since leaving university.

After working hard to build my portfolio over the past few months, I was recently offered the opportunity to become a Junior Copywriter at a health and fitness company based in Leeds. This would mean facilitating a relocation from Manchester, but I felt that accepting the job offer was the correct decision for me to make in order to further my career.

In spite of enjoying working in retail over the years, it became apparent that this was a career I didn’t see myself continuing in for the long term, having gone to university for three years in order to enhance my career prospects.

Upon realising that writing was my passion, this is when I decided to take the necessary steps after taking on board some greatly helpful advice at a careers fair to build my portfolio and gain some hands on, self taught experience that I could showcase to employers.

Throughout the duration of my time at university, I spent my days not knowing what I wanted to do upon graduating, and soon enough the end of my final year had arrived. I began to apply for a multitude of jobs including various graduate schemes, but to no avail, either a lack of experience was cited or my application simply turned away or ignored.

Despite this, I remained motivated and focused in my job search, something which can understandably be difficult for many people, and I took any rejections with my head held high, and continued to move forward in my search.

Rewind to the end of my second year at university, I was offered a job at the company I had worked for on two occasions previous, having known a workmate of mine who advised me of an upcoming vacancy.

I decided to accept the position so I was in a position to supplement my income, prove my time management skills as well as being able to travel home at weekends to see friends and family.

I quickly became accustomed to the role having worked for the company in the past, and carried on being employed there upon graduating so that I had a source of income whilst looking for another job.

To this day I am currently employed by them as my final shift draws ever closer. It will be hard to say goodbye to the close friends I had made that will forever be a part of me and I will never forget them (no matter how annoying some of them may or may not have been!)

However the time was right for me to accept my new position in order to further my career and pursue my dream. My current workmates will no doubt understand the sheer hard work I have put in particularly over the past few months, where I took on two voluntary jobs in order to build my portfolio of work to supplement my personal blog.

My new position will offer me the chance to take my writing career to the next level in an area I am passionate about, that being health and fitness.

I am truly excited and looking forward to furthering my career and embarking on a new journey that will without a doubt take my writing skills to the next level. My hard work has paid off and been recognised, and as soon as the opportunity arose, I knew I would be a fool not to embrace it.

As the old saying goes, onwards and upwards from here on out!


Early Premier League Transfer Window Closure: Was It The Right Thing To Do?

The Premier League last week confirmed that plans for the summer transfer window to close prior to the commencement of the new season will become a reality as the result of a vote at the beginning of September. But was it the right decision to make?

From the 2018-19 season, clubs will no longer be able to sign players after the season has begun, with all incoming business needed to be completed the Thursday before the start of the new season.

Fourteen of the twenty top-flight clubs voted in favour of the early transfer window closure, with Manchester United, Manchester City, Crystal Palace, Watford and Swansea City voting against the proposed plans.

This could potentially pose a problem for Premier League clubs for more reasons than one, as should another club swoop in for one of their players across the continent or elsewhere, they will be allowed to sell or loan out players after the deadline, however, will not be allowed to sign a replacement.

Additionally, upon the start of the season should a player become injured, this could potentially pose the risk of leaving a club short in a certain position, particularly if that player has sustained a serious injury and faces a long period of recovery.

Leagues across Europe are yet to follow suit, with their respective transfer deadline days remaining on the 31st August. This could leave several players in the vulnerable position of being snapped up should their release clause be met for instance, and their clubs will be unable to replace them until the following January at the earliest.

However, if they had anything about them then they would do everything in their power to hold onto their players if any chance of signing a replacement was not possible, echoing the opinion of Manchester United boss Mourinho who stated the following, despite his club voting against the early transfer window closure:

“So the risk is minimal and even those powerful clubs have to know if we can’t buy after, let’s say 14th or 15th of August more or less, if we can’t buy players we’re not going to sell.”

For players who are on the fringe or have perhaps fallen out of favour with their managers, however, their respective club shouldn’t necessarily have to worry about signing a replacement on the basis of their squad numbers being sufficient enough.

The benefits of having an early transfer window will mean that clubs will have to work fast to obtain their targets and get their business done early. This will allow clubs to give any new signings time to adjust to their new surroundings and adapt to the system of their new manager.

Given that the plans for an earlier transfer window are now in place, it would perhaps be a good idea for fellow leagues across the world to take a leaf of the Premier League’s book to allow for clubs to have a fair chance to bolster their squad, and reduce the risk of losing star players with no chance to sign a replacement.

However, with the transfer window opening sooner from next summer, this would still give clubs more than adequate time to bolster their squads, reduce the risk of unsettling players, and give managers the opportunity to slot new recruits into their system.