To provide an accurate description of who I think I am, it would be appropriate to highlight the importance of family and your upbringing, which help define you as a person. This includes the values of life which your parents have a responsibility to provide you with, or at least that is what you would expect.

Firstly, I have lived in the small town of Walkden in Salford, Greater Manchester since I was born, and have experienced many changes, chiefly an on-going regeneration of the town centre, which has given it a much needed facelift, making it unrecognisable compared to ten years previous. Having never moved until I began university, it made the whole experience of moving to a new town ever more surreal, but equally exhilarating. Despite having lived in the same town my whole life, I don’t see myself to have a real connection with it other than my friends and family, but also my high school, St George’s, where I studied for five years. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the school and I am lucky to still be in contact with the same group of friends I have had since first starting there in 2004, and I can recall several fond memories that I shared with them and others. Although I didn’t do as well as I’d hoped when it came to GCSE results, I was able to progress onto college where after completing an additional year I was able to gain entry into Edge Hill University, where I graduated from in July 2015 with a 2:1 grade in English and Media, one of my greatest achievements in my life so far, and something I can be proud of. Despite not really feeling much of a significant connection to my home town I am proud of my upbringing as I believe my parents equipped me with the necessary qualities in which I can build lasting and meaningful relationships with other people, no matter what the context, and this has allowed me to convey myself as a decent, caring person.

In addition to the values taught to you by your parents, as well as the place where you grow up, I believe one of the most fundamental aspects of life that can define a person is their progression through education, it is a necessity in the modern day and age in order to move onto bigger and better things. Without an education, namely primary and secondary, it can be difficult to fulfil your potential in life, and progressing onto college and university allows you to go that one step further should you wish to follow a specific career path, and additionally equips you not only with transferrable skills which are essential in the vast majority of employment opportunities, but also life skills which allow you to mature as a person, such as independence, providing you live away from home, that is. Furthermore, university allowed me personally to improve my confidence in most aspects of life as well as give me a taste of independence, which will be essential in future life when I eventually move out of the family home. Along with an education, I believe another important aspect to being content with life, is to never take for granted what you have, specifically your family, who are the people who you should not only be able to rely on through good times and bad, but who you can make feel proud of your achievements in your life by making informed, mature decisions.

In terms of my career, I have worked in retail for a number of years now but I am currently seeking a new challenge. It is My ultimate ambition it to work with content creation/editing and social media, given I have a passion for writing, and regular blog writing emphasises my commitment and desire to start a career within the industry.