Fitness Motivation

There are many reasons for wanting to maintain a good level of health and fitness. Many use it as a form of escapism, whether that be lifting weights in the gym, going for a run through the local park or perhaps a Sunday morning bike ride. Whatever the activity, motivation is undoubtedly the key to remaining consistent and achieving results. The problem for many however, is fitting it in with their busy lifestyles which usually revolves around commitments ranging from the morning school run to a full time job, in turn leading to quickly falling off track. 

January often sees an influx of new members to gyms, many of whom wishing to stick to the cliche ‘New year, new me’ and burn off the many extra calories inevitably consumed over the festive period. Which in itself presents a problem for those who were perhaps hitting their fitness goals and wish to get back into their routine, which for many can prove a huge obstacle to overcome, at least at first, in their quest to regain their motivation after a couple of weeks of rest.

A good way for those leading a busy lifestyle to incorporate a health and fitness regime into their routine is to make use of HIIT training, which stands for High Intensity Interval Training. Studies have shown that using this particular method has benefits similar or in cases superior to steady state forms of exercise as it creates something called an afterburn effect, where calories continue to be burned up to 24 hours after the exercise has been completed. For example, short bursts of exercise of 20 seconds at 100 percent effort followed by a rest period of around 2 minutes repeated a handful of times can offer a quick and effective way for busy people to be able to achieve great results with minimal time required to do so, as opposed to going for an hour long run on the treadmill at a constant speed. Many programs that follow this method are easily accessible via online platforms such as YouTube, or even with a simple Google search. With as little as 10 minutes of exercise per day needed to be performed, this remains a popular option and many of these exercise programmes do not require any equipment whatsoever so the need for a gym membership needn’t be an issue, and is an easy way to at least set you on your way of maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle that many now desire.

Whether you’re just starting out in the world of health and fitness, or wishing to get back on track after losing motivation for whatever reason that may be, just remember no one is there to judge you, it may seem daunting at first but even the most experienced individual in the gym had to start somewhere, and without said motivation they would not have achieved the results they have today. Training alone may not get you the body of your dreams, since a healthy, balanced diet remains key to achieving this, and the two supplement each other nicely.


The Internet of Things

At the turn of the century, it remained to be seen the heights at which the internet would reach. It had immense possibilities and had already come on leaps and bounds since the creation of the World Wide Web in the early 90s, in comparison to today, where the sound of the dial-up tone has long been confined to the history books. It would be necessary to take a coffee break just to wait for an image to load. Yes an image, not an entire film! Then came along broadband internet connections, undoubtedly one of the most appreciated technical advances of recent times. Where would we be without it? Living in a world thriving with impatience and frustration no doubt. It would therefore be appropriate so suggest that the internet now has a fundamental role to play in our day to day lives. Whilst out and about for example, it would be strange to not hear at least one person ask questions such as, does anyone know the Wi-Fi password?

With regards to the internet of things, just what exactly is it? To put it simply, it is a series of devices connected to one another via the internet. Sounds simple enough right? but what we’re talking about here is everyday devices such as our toasters, coffee makers and washing machines. Why connect these to the internet one might ask? Well a reasonable explanation is the aforementioned devices can be connected to one another to form part of what is called home automation, which already exists and ever more so, with the ability to remotely adjust the heating or lighting from a convenient app downloaded onto a smartphone, perfect for those cold winter nights returning home from work.

Given that the vast majority of people nowadays are rather attached to their smartphones, it doesn’t come as a surprise that more and more everyday devices are becoming increasingly part of the Internet of Things, which future generations will be able to fully benefit from in a matter of years as it is essentially in its early stages.It is hard to ignore the immense possibilities that the internet offers, as just twenty years ago many of the technological advances we have now experienced would perhaps have not been thought possible. The capacity to expand the Internet of Things is yet to show signs of a slowdown, as it makes an ever increasing influence on our everyday lives.